Christine Byrne O.A.dip. child psychologist and certified counsellor
 (N.C.S registered member)

The first step to self-acceptance 

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please fell free to contact myself, on the links provided, consultancy is free. COVID-19 privacy update please see  below

I am aware of the current predicament  we are all in, I just want to say i'm here!

Domestic violence is at an all time high please don't be alone in the dark seek advice and guidance, you can bring it into light. There are multiple services at your disposable on the internet and when you find the right fit for you, you just have to have faith in yourself and in the person providing your support so you  can move forward with your life and finally breath again feel free to say Yes! when that moment occurs. I myself have personally dealt with domestic abuse in the form of mental abuse, i can say it took a lot of self-reflection to truly understand and believe that i was not the issue at hand which finally gave me the self-confidence needed to walk away from a toxic situation. I spent a few years oblivious to my own personal hell and i was just an echo of what i once was, sometimes you don't realise quite how bad it is until you see it, or even learn about the different forms of abuse for yourself. Support your community in its time of need and remember males also suffer from the same kind of abuse but they hide it better from fear of ridicule from their peers. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness, don't strip someone of that!

Our Service to You

Discover the different types of therapeutic techniques we offer here, but if you can not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or check out the list of counsellors who specialise in other area's. 

Art therapy

This is good technique to use with children, as they tend to draw a picture that reflects how they feel so the counsellor can determine to the best of their ability any distress or uncomfortable feelings they may have towards parents, schools or if they've witnessed something they don't  think their aloud to discuss or bullying its good for age range 3-12 years. (did you know Edward Adamson is the classed as the father of Art therapy in Britain) He believed free art expression becomes a form of symbolic speech which can lead to an increase in verbalisation during therapy.

Meditation/Key relaxation

Meditation is good for focus and balance in your life, it can also help with anxiety as it is about breathing keeping a steady pulse and relaxing your muscles. Meditation allows you to see the world more clearly without judgement which produces benefits such as, dramatically reduces stress levels,minimising physical pain. It can provide immediate relief and can help along the line with more in depth positive changes. 


This technique uses a variety of different art and creative play which would mostly respond to the child's wishes. It is used usually with children aged 3-11, it provides a way for the child to express themselves and allows them to  play out an undesirable, unpleasant event through the means of lets say a toy dinosaur, farm animals, superheros is usually top choice as it makes them feel strong and mighty like superman or super fast like the flash it allows the inner superhero to shine through and communication is usually possible through play.

Specialised therapy sessions

This can vary from cognitive therapy to Client-centred therapy, which means the therapy is created with you in mind and the path we take may differ to other clients as everyone again is unique my role in this would be to assess the right therapy and course of treatment for you.

I also specialise in domestic abuse, i have many years experience professionally and personally speaking with all walks of life ranging from 

-Alcohol abuse

-Substance abuse

-Domestic violence


-coping with bereavement 

-Sexual abuse "i'd like to add that i understand it can be very difficult to come forward in this type of situation but i am a safe place where again no judgement will be passed and your voice can be heard and help offered"

(Anyone aged 17 years or under going through any sexual abuse can contact me for free and i will help any way i can)

-many other scopes of therapy, consultancy is free. 

self-acceptance, perception and my experience

Together we can make it happen!

I have many years experience in the healthcare sector. I have worked across multiple settings with very unique individuals, i thrive on providing the best possible support to any past, current or future client. I also believe every individual is aloud to have their own unique belief's, our society does not speak for everyone individually, only as a whole. I would like to refer to a line out of (The Carl rogers reader p.428)  "I believe they are moving inevitably toward the acceptance of millions of separate, challenging, exciting, informative individual perceptions of reality" the chapter do we need a reality 1978 is a very interesting read, i personally believe that everyone has their own ways of thinking and being but sometimes we do not see that it is okay to be different (unique in our own way) but just think for a second, if everyone acted as an individual instead of a collective being, we might be more free to be ourselves, free from the fear of judgement or perhaps rejection from if you like am opposite being to ourselves just feel self-confident that everyone has the right to feel free to be who they want to be. We can start the journey of self-discovery , self-acceptance, self-exploration, and self-awareness and unlock your full potential and your very own perception of reality together.


I know we are going through a pretty tough situation at the moment and unfortunately due to confined space and lack of escape domestic abuse has gone up dramatically in these past few weeks, i do offer support and guidance for those who maybe suffering out there now. Please do not hesitate to get in touch i am here to listen any time you may require. Their is more information regarding these services below. I  have experience as a one-one across the board supporting individuals with Autism, slow cognitive function, head injuries which have damaged the individuals frontal lobe and the way in which the brain responds to certain environment's and situations. I have hands on experience with Anxiety and the common link it has to depression, also the tools to manage Anxiety and the potential panic attacks it can bring on, in such individuals. Also the affects it can have on normal day to day life can differ from person to person it usually depend on said individuals mood and outlook on life. Everyone deals with stress differently, the outside world can be terrifying i have experienced this kind of anxiety , it for a lack of better words can be crippling but whether it is through sport's, outdoor adventures, drawing, baking, fitness or a simple breathing technique their is always a way of breaking free of those chains that bind you and just have time to discover who you truly are. The benefits mentally are astonishing just by, embracing and then as i like to say owning that part of yourself, always remember   anxiety doesn't have to be your weakness it can be your strength. i also want to say to all the healthcare assistants out there, that your service has not gone unnoticed by myself and i understand how difficult this time has been. I offer support in loss and bereavement, i know your sector feels underappreciated i used to feel that also as i was on the ground seeing first hand the beautiful work carried out by the staff around myself, which creates a lovely atmosphere for all residents so if your that kind of carer please give yourself a tap on the back for a job well done, be proud of what you have accomplished in one day as i know they can be long and tiring but ultimately mentally beneficial!



Children's Art work

These pictures have been created by 4 children that are very close to my heart, they wanted to share their way of coping with the situation at hand and also to send a few positive messages to those out there who are struggling at home. 

Cave man drawing

This drawing was created by an 8 year old boy. Can you tell from the picture this young boys background? It does show aggression, portrays the caveman as the soupier being and he tames the wild mammoth, Thus gaining some control back mentally.

Be happy drawing

This series of drawing have been created by an intelligent 10 year old girl. This child has the capabilities to express in such fine detail how she is feeling on each day, her characters are all unique. She has always been drawn to the more out the box style of thinking and successfully puts it into practice through art and design. 

Best friends drawing

Again a very expressive drawing, She wanted people to know that even though we are apart in this event, we can still help one another to smile.

Fuzzy friends drawing

This is one of my favourite drawings this child has produced its fluffy, fun, delicate features the use of lighter tones makes it pop. Her personality shines through in a positive way.

Gatcha life character

As you can see from the previous brightly coloured well put together characters of the 10 year girl, this one is particularly dull it was drawn on a separate day from the other ones, When shes happy or sad it shines through in her drawings, this one cries out for some guidance and support, a helping hand through a difficult time, someone to listen to her and respects how she is feeling.

positive rainbow drawing

This creative piece of art work was created by a very impressive 13 year old girl, she has had many battles on the school front but has found light in our dark moment and created a positive message to anyone who may feel how she previously has in the form of this rainbow. Her personal quote to everyone is "smile and your half way there"  

city life

I have lived a city the majority of my life, i did a lot of personal growth in this environment. where you come from is an important part of your own history. To acknowledge your own heritage and carry it forward to the next step of your personal, physical and psychological self-growth. Moving somewhere that allows you to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of city life and seeing as much of this world as you can this is a beneficial part of my own balanced t mental well-being. From my shall we say colourful life from my own childhood in the City, to various life events i am currently in the initial steps of wrighting my first book "A psychological look at myself"

My personal and professional experience

From being a child i was a very caring and passionate young girl, i eventually became the eldest of several siblings who i cared for very deeply, they became my centre, my comfort on days i felt disconnected from the world they had the power to ground me once again. I grew to love them as though they was my own children, i carried out a lot of the parental responsibilities in regards to them right up until i left home at 19. Unfortunately 6 months after i left my siblings where all taken into a variety of foster homes, that was the day my life changed drastically, where i realised i couldn't come to the rescue this time. They eventually was all adopted by loving families apart from the second eldest sibling she came to live with myself until she reached of age which caused friction between us as a unit in the form of jealousy and anger. I then turned this awful period of my life into the positive chapter it so very needed and took my first step into the healthcare industry supporting individuals from all walks of life never passing judgement, i thrived on knowing each individual is unique and should be treated as such. I enjoyed exploring all the different area in this sector, finding new ways to unlock their potential/capabilities. Not many people recognise the extraordinary abilities that these specific individuals have, you just need to find a way to communicate this to your service user or client in a way that relates to them and their capabilities "Communication is key".

Moving swiftly through the years i have worked at multiple healthcare settings, including dementia ward, autistic centre, brain injuries, learning disability's, down syndrome, early on-set Alzheimer's disease, mental illness and i can honestly say i enjoyed my experience in the sectors, to experience so many different perceptions of reality as they chose to view it (their inner world if you like) was astonishing and helped me on my path of self-discovery, because as i have learnt we all have multiple layers to our personality and accepting that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, in realising this you can dream bigger, live better just knowing you or i are not here to  judge but instead to accept the variety of individuals we have in this world and live life to the best of your ability, in away that makes your inner light shine through.

At this point in my life journey i am apart of a family of 6, 4 in which are children ages ranging from infant right the way up to teen years. Again i have a variety of personality's in my home as we speak, we have 3 year son who is a very lively and dramatic little character, he has the ability to make the room go quiet when he walks in he carries himself with such grace. And then you have my 8 year old nephew who has recently come to live with my family, due to poor school attendance and he would not previously accept routine and boundaries, now he has at least grown a foot, he enjoys delving into his school projects, he is the young man we new he could be with the right tools behind him. And then we have a ten year old girl, who is in a few words a force of nature, she is above average in intelligence and is out the box funny but also has pre-teen moments and stomps her feet but ultimately she challenges our views and logic and creates her own unique views of reality  which creates a unique individual with her very own perspective on life at such a young age.  The eldest has always been a very loving person wearing her heart on her sleeve. She as we all do has begin to find the change in life to teen years challenging at times herself a little distant but still cares so much and achieves even during challenging times above satisfactory results.

Our promise to you

Privacy policy

Here at psychotherapy with you in mind we "do not" share your data with any 3rd parties under any circumstances, unless required to do so via a court order.

COVID-19 privacy update: If i am diagnosed with coronavirus N.H.S will require a list of people i have been in contact with, in such circumstances i will divulge names of clients i have had contact with Please note i will NOT provide any further information regarding private sessions to said third party

We may use your data to communicate directly with you, if i/we have important information to disclose with you regarding your unique service (ex; unscheduled telephone call to suggest a new appointment time or day) 

Christine Byrne

Psychologist and certified counsellor

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